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Frank Ferrucci Film Music Inspired by the Indian Railway
This lyrical music by composer Frank Ferrucci evokes a romantic and spiritual journey across India on its beloved Indian Railway, aboard the great steam locomotive trains that ruled her railways for over a century. Inspired by the filmmaking of William Livingston. this relaxing and calming cinematic music brings the listener from Mumbai and Calcutta to the Ganges, through Darjiing and Rajasthan to the Himalaya. Featuring the soaring bansuri (bamboo flute) of Mitch Greenberg, the 18 selections on this CD whisper, sing and combine melodies and rhythms of East and West.

Amit Chatterjee: Sitar, Tambura, Vocals
Gordon Gottlieb: Tabla and Percussion
Mitch Greenberg: Bansuri
Anthony Cecere: French Horn
Dianne Lesser: Oboe
Susan Rotholtz: Flute and Piccolo

All Selections Composed and Conducted by Frank Ferrucci

Selections with Timing - Click Titles to Hear Excerpts:

1. Out of the Mist (2:17)
2. The Great Indian Railway (1:37)
3. Taj Dreams (2:38)
4. Calcutta Street (2:36)
5. Death of Steam (3:48)
6. Tin Jungle (2:09)
7. Mystic Journey (1:32)
8. Goodbye Pondicherry (3:27)
9. Palace of Light 3:08
10. Street Child (4:53)
11. Darjeeling Moonrise (1:53)
12. Lift Me Away (2:02)
13. Sonepur Sunrise (3:00)
14. Journey of Joy (1:37)
15. Wonder and Despair (3:09)
16. Depth of Being (3:20)
17. Kamashki's Farewell (2:11)
18. Little Feet (1:25)

Produced by Frank Ferrucci and Luiz Tornaghi
Mastered by Luiz Tornaghi at Batmastersom Studios, Rio de Janeiro
Music mixed by Scott Lehrer at Passport Recording, NYC
Cover design and artwork by Rita Ivanissevitch
Photos courtesy of William Livingston, used by permission
Music published by Leenalisa Music (BMI)

Some of the music on this CD has appeared in the National Geographic™ film "The Great Indian Railway", directed by William Livingston

Frank's Commentary:
In 1994, Director William Livingston asked me to write the score for a film he was making about India from the perspective of a journey on the Indian Railway, India's famous steam locomotive based rail system. Concluding that the music should be sprinkled with both Indian and Western influences, I composed a score of tonal sculptures and themes that featured instruments of both cultures:  bamboo flutes, percussion, sitar, tambura and vocals from India; and flute, oboe, french horn, and strings from the West. The resulting score for  "The Great Indian Railway" was the  genesis for the music on this CD, many years in the making, music which I've recently developed and expanded into these 18 selections.  It  has been a joy for me to revisit this music. 

Thanks to Luiz for his exceptional and careful re-mastering and his help putting together this project with me in Rio de Janeiro. I would also like to thank the musicians for their thoughtful and creative contributions which have continued to amaze me all these years.

Frank Ferrucci
New York City September 2008 
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Frank Ferrucci, Film Music Inspired by the Indian Railway
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